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   Understanding Closing Statements                      CLICK TO ORDER 9 $70.00  
This course covers the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Settlement Statement form and the various calculations necessary to complete the form.    
   Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis     CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
A brief history of the savings and loan industry progresses into present commercial real estate financing practices. The different types of financing available to commercial properties and their characteristics are explained in detail. Investment evaluation methods including property comparison, appraisal, capitalization rates, and the time value of money are also covered.    
   Commercial Leases                                            CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
This course analyzes the typical provisions of office, retail, and industrial leases. Formulas used to calculate rent, key negotiation points, and technical issues unique to industrial leases are also covered in great detail.    
   Current Developments in Agency                       CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Starts with key definitions, types of agency relationships and history of agency. Then covers dual agency, conflicts of interest in agency relationships, risk reduction strategies and agency policy. Also covers BRRETA and the future of agency.    
   Georgia Basic Real Estate Finance                     CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Get the answers to questions about finance, without having to ask a loan officer!    
   Georgia License Law and Rules                         CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
This course covers Georgia real estate license law, rules and regulations, providing an overall summary of the law in simple language which is easy to read and understand.    
   Legal Issues for Agents                                       CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
This course addresses several issues of concern to agents. The topic covered include antitrust, property disclosure, fair housing commissions, and license law violations in addition the course recommends guidelines for avoiding violations of the law.    
   Legal Issues in the Brokerage Office                  CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
The legal issues brokers need to be aware of are outlined in this course. Some of the issues covered are trust accounting, advertising, commissions, government regulations and license law violations.    
   Licensees as Principal                                        CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Learn what you need to know and do as a licensee when you are involved in your own real estate transaction.    
   Management in a Brokerage Office                    CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Covers the fundamentals of brokerage office management. Some of the topics covered include guidelines for office financial and human resource management as well as budgeting and business planning.    
   Methods of Residential Finance                          CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
All of the various forms of residential real estate financing; including conventional, FHA, VA Loans, loan assumptions, purchase money mortgages, alternative financing are explained in this course. Also covers legislation relating to financing.    
   Pricing Property to Sell                                      CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Presents methods and principles for pricing property. Covers pricing compared to appraisal, basic concepts of pricing property, principles of value, approaches to pricing property and application of the market data and replacement cost methods.    
   Property Management                                      CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Defines key terms and identifies types of tenancies and rental agreements. Covers procedures for handling rental agreement termination, assignment, subletting, security deposits, trust accounts and trust funds and other practical topics.    
   Regulations Impacting Commercial Real Estate  CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Learn how the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act, and the environmental regulations affect the sale and use of commercial real estate.    
   Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate  CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
The many different types of ownership available in commercial real estate and their implications are covered in this course. Issues addressed include liability, taxes, regulations, set up, and management as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each.    
   Tax Advantages of Home Ownership                     CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Course covers types of tax benefits for homeowners and how to calculate the taxes that will impact the purchase of a home.    
   Understanding Net to Seller Forms                        CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Every line of the Net to Seller form is covered in this course. The program leads the student through detailed instruction on how to prorate items and compute taxes, insurance, expenses and credits.    
   Writing Contracts (v3)                                             CLICK TO ORDER 6 $50.00  
Reviews the fundamentals of writing contracts. Topics include presenting offers, legal descriptions, suggested wording for the method of payment section, earnest money, special stipulations and problems to avoid.    
   ADA and Fair Housing                                            CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
ADA legislation affects the business of every real estate agent. Find out what the laws cover and how it pertains to you, while refreshing your knowledge of the Federal Fair Housing Laws.    
   Check it Out: Home Inspection in Real Estate Practice CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
Understand the importance of property inspections and how to advise your clients about the inspection process. Also, learn how to prepare a home for inspection and how to limit your liability during the inspection process.    
   Consensual Dual Agency                                       CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
This course describes agency relationships and the inherent conflicts of interest of each, followed by coverage of dual agency, agency policy and procedures for implementing, documenting and changing agency policy.    
   Ethics in Real Estate                                              CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
Ethics in Real Estate covers the NAR Code of Ethics and reviews case studies pertaining to the code. Sample scenarios are included as a decision making practice for licensees. This course will insure that real estate professionals have a strong understanding of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics and understand the difference between ethical and unethical behavior.    
   Maximize Your Buyer's Borrowing Power              CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
This course covers some important topics related to finance and a buyer's ability to obtain a real estate loan.    
   Principles of Commercial Real Estate                   CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
Understand the different types of commercial real estate including office space, retail space and storage facilities. Additional topics include industrial real estate brokerage, site selection, land development, and the effect of local and regional labor markets on commercial real estate.    
   Real Estate Math                                                    CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
Covers math calculations involved in property measurement, commissions, investments and return on investments, capitalization, loans, property cost and price. The course presents easy-to-remember formulas and numerous practice problems.    
   Tax Free Exchanges                                              CLICK TO ORDER 3 $30.00  
Covers the basics of a tax free exchange of residential investment property. Topics covered include requirements of a tax free exchange, types of exchanges and the methods for transferring title when an exchange takes place.    
   Using the Internet in Your Real Estate Practice: An Introduction v2  3 $30.00  
The impact the Internet has on your business and the technology needed get on-line are covered in this course. Learn to utilize the Internet and email to market your listings, manage leads, maximize exposure and locate valuable resources.